$99 Doctor Appointments (limited spots!)
We're making it more affordable!
CalmTime CalmEffect Events:
- You'll See a Doctor (1:1 doctor's appointment)
- We'll help you apply for the Card. We know how to get you approved quickly! 
(Our patients got approved in 5 business days.)
- Get dispensary and product info
It's time to start feeling better and enjoy more life.
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Event Locations
Lakeland 9/30
Melbourne 10/5
Ft Myers 10/10
Tampa 10/11
Lake Mary 10/16
Daytona 10/19
Plantation 10/23
Aventura 10/28
Local Doctor Appointments
Boynton Beach
Ft Lauderdale
Summerfield (The Villages)
Lake Mary
Boca Raton
Port St Lucie
Melbourne/Palm Bay
Popular Questions
Question: Does the $99 include a doctor's appointment?  
Answer: Yes, you are paying to see a doctor that can enter you into the state registry!

Question: Are there any additional costs? 
Answer: You have to pay the state their annual $75 fee (and you have to buy the medicine)

Question: When's the next time I have to see a certified doctor?
Answer: 7 months. That's the state law. And, it's still only $99 with CalmEffect (or you can choose to see another certified doctor if you'd like- but we'd be disappointed!)

Question: Why's it so inexpensive? 
Answer: We believe medical marijuana access should be more affordable. We've worked hard to find doctor's that are comfortable with a lower fee and we host events so that we can keep the costs low to you!

Question: How does the event differ from a local doctor's appointment?
Answer: At the events, you'll have a doctor's appointment, we'll help you with the state application, and there's a dispensary present to answer your questions/give demos/discounts.  At a local doctor's office, there's typically no dispensary presence. CalmEffect will call you to ensure your state application is complete and we'll walk you through your dispensary options and let you know what discounts CalmEffect customers are receiving.  You'll have a great experience at either!
Questions: Call 954-789-0482

What to expect at CalmEffect events
Here's what our patients say:
"Very easy to do. Very helpful"- HB (Lakeland Event)

"I feel that It is important to share how positive my experience with Calm Effect has been. At first, I was anxious about the process but Calm Effect responded to my questions, helped me set up my doctor’s appointment, and provided consistent follow through in such a timely way. I will continue to recommend Calm Effect to my relatives and friends!" - IK 

"Had a great experience. The process was smooth and effortless." DC (Orlando Event)

"I am so thankful for what the great things the doctors at CalmEffect are doing. Everyone deserves to live pain free. My appointment was very informational and helped me to understand all the beneficial components of medical marijuana. I highly recommend looking into CalmEffect. They can really help you!"
LB (Orlando Event)
We make it easy for you to get relief fast!
You deserve it.
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